Telldus Live! API

Telldus defined constants

In Telldus API there may be some defined constants values.


Some constant ranges in the API are UUIDs as defined by RFC 4122. Telldus-defined types are based on the following Base UUID:

0000000: An index based id for the type.
0000: The type of the constants.
1000-2005-ACCA54000000: A fixed Telldus suffix.

When Telldus-defined UUIDs are encoded as JSON strings, a short form may be used by including only the first 8 characters with leading zeros removed.

When converting short form UUIDs back to full UUIDs, the process is reversed by prefixing the string with 0 or more ʼ0ʼ characters to expand it to 8 characters then the type followed by ”-1000-2005-ACCA54000000” to form the full 36-character UUID.
For example, the device type for locks full UUID is
When encoded as a JSON string, the first 8 characters are ”00000006” and with leading zeros removed it becomes ”6”. Converting back to a full UUID would prefix ”6” with seven ʼ0ʼ characters to get ”00000006” then append ”0001-1000-2005-ACCA54000000” to form a full UUID of